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Exotic Carts Wedding Cake Cartridge

Exotic Carts Wedding Cake Cartridge

Exotic Carts Wedding Cake Cartridge

$30 / Full Gram Cartridge(s)

Exotic carts Wedding Cake is an intense cartridge that can help alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression. Exotic Carts versions of Wedding Cake Cartridge has a slightly higher CBD content and lower THC content which may reduce the risk of side effects

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Wedding Cake buds are a powerful medical strain. The high THC levels make it a consummate mood elevator, as well as a strong analgesic. Wedding Cake medical marijuana may relieve musculoskeletal pain such as sciatica, inflammatory pain like arthritis, and neuropathic pain such as in fibromyalgia, among other conditions. Neurological conditions such as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease can be treated with medicinal formulations of this bud recommended by a doctor. Many other conditions are recommended and legal be treated with Wedding Cake marijuana as per the laws in different states and countries.

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